Allotment Diaries – February

In between all the house-hunting and house tidying it’s occasionally hard to get to the allotment, even if it is only ten minutes walk from our house, but we managed to duck between the showers today to plant elephant garlic and broadcast a couple of packets of flowers I’d been given. The anemones are starting to come up, but everything else looks a bit grey and muddy and some wee beastie is eating my broad beans. Also the few peas that have straggled up look very sad. But the onions are doing well!

Pictures when the weather is a bit better.


Welcome to the Meddwl Coed Blog!


As you can see if you’ve wandered here, the website is still very much a work in progress, as indeed is Meddwl Coed itself. We’re still in the process of finding the perfect spot (we thought we had it, but it wriggled from our grasp – so be it). On this blog we’ll be documenting our adventures in house building / repair, forest gardening, learning to be self-sufficient, and the million and one things we need to learn on our new venture. There will be photos, videos, swearing (probably), tip and hints, recipes, small victories and minor disasters along the way. We hope you’ll share our journey with us.