Allotment Diaries – March 2017

Maybe it’s that the tree is in full bloom, or the flowers are out, or the sun is shining. Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time since October you can sit on the ground without immediately getting soaked to the skin. But for whatever reason, it feels like we’ve turned a corner with the allotment. For the first time, it’s beginning to feel more like a food-producing patch and less like a lengthy re-creation of the Battle of the Somme.

Flowers at allotment march

I kind of wish I could remember what I planted here – the plan says “Flowers” 🙂 Whatever they are they’re pretty.

(ETA – Roz tells me they’re crocuses 🙂 )

Sowed two drills of spinach behind the cold frame, next to the garlic. We still have plenty of spinach seeds left, either for taking to the new house or for later sowing (see, I’m learning here!)

The hazels are starting to come into leaf and there’s new growth on the raspberries which means we didn’t kill them with over-zealous pruning. And the autumn olive seedlings, which I fully expected to fall over and expire the minute I turned my back on them, are still upright and apparently doing well.

The hyssop didn’t make it, but I’m not altogether surprised as it was borderline when I put it in the cold frame. Rosemary and marjoram are both thriving though.

Grass needs a trim, but cutting the grass requires being there at a time other people are there to get access to the lawnmower shed. Will probably have to go down of a Saturday morning, rather than in the afternoons when it’s nice and quiet and I can pootle about and do things in my own slow and inefficient way… 🙂

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