Allotment Diaries – June Update

It’s been a while since I updated on the allotment, partly due to moving house and not being able to get down there for a week or so, and partly due to other distractions. So, what’s occurring in our little patch?

Well, we’ve had some successes, and some failures. Quite a lot of failures, if I’m honest. The last two months have been very dry and some of the veg has struggled Some hasn’t sprouted at all (carrots and leeks), some has been lost to weeds and predators (lettuce and spinach) and some has been lost to over-enthusiastic “Oh, I thought they were weeds!” weeding….

On the plus side, we have a flourishing bed of rainbow chard, which I thought wasn’t going to be a goer because chard apparently struggles on clay – that might be one benefit of the hot dry weather. The broad beans have gone into overdrive (see previous post) and we have a splendid crop of early gooseberries that I’ve just picked, with a second later variety coming through. Apples and pear trees are also doing well and soft fruit is starting to come through. So it’s not all bad.

At home the tomatoes are doing better than expected, and the Morello has a few baby cherries on it despite the “help” of the dogs.

So all in all feeling quite positive for the future, and looking forward to gooseberry crumble for tea!


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