Trouble with Tomatoes

As you might know from this previous post, I struggle with growing tomatoes. Which is annoying, because they’re one of my favourite foods and I eat them all the time, and it would be really handy if I could grow my own.

This year they have grown bigger and had seemed to be doing better, but in the last week or so they’ve started looking limp and sad and they’re obviously having a hard time. It’s been warm so I’ve had them outside, but now I’m wondering if they’d benefit from being moved back into the summer house on a permanent basis.

It doesn’t help that Pinky and The Brain managed to knock one of the large pots (the Ace) over and then trample through it, so I lost a few there. But the cherry toms are also struggling and looking sad. Any tips for reviving dismal tomato plants? Or should I give them up as a bad job and try again when we get a greenhouse?

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