The End of Season Round-Up

It’s been a while since I blogged here, sorry.

We have now had the allotment for 11 months, and as the year has just turned to autumn, with the pears over and the apples ripening, I thought I’d let you know how it was going.

There have been a few non-starters (leeks, sprouts), but there have also been a number of notable success. The courgettes in particular have kept going and going, and every time I think they’re over another two or three pop up. Succession planting of courgettes next year might be the way to go!

Despite putting the potatoes in late they have had a good showing – we planted Albert Bartlett Roosters, which are a lovely red colour and make a nice fluffy potato. Good for mashing! I’d like to try some heritage potatoes next year, Thompson and Morgan sell one that’s BLUE, and the idea of blue mash really appeals to me…

Allotment with dogs

Pumpkins have been amazing. It’s not a great climate for pumpkins here but I managed to get four decent sized ones from the seven seeds I planted (and they survived moving house, balanced on my knee in a plastic bucket). What we didn’t know until afterwards was that pumpkins have a chemical in their roots that inhibits the growth of bindweed, so next year it might be pumpkins all the way!

What else? Chard has been brilliant, runner and broad beans gave us a good harvest, carrots have been a bit of a non starter but we got a few on the third attempt… It’s all been a bit of a steep learning curve but it’s been fun, which is the main thing. It’s saved us a few quid, we’ve been able to share food with friends and we’re eating something generated from the allotment most days, even if it is only a little bit.

I’ve just put in cabbage (Durham Earlies) and some over-wintering onions for next year, and the Giant Winter Spinach is beginning to sprout (it’s supposed to take over from the chard, but our chard is like the Terminator and it absolutely will not stop….)

Hopefully soon we will close our land deal and we can think about putting in raised beds and beginning to plant on the site for next spring. But for now the allotment trundles on towards winter….

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