The Critical Path

There is a track up to the land we’re buying (any week now, solicitors and estate agents have shut down for Christmas but we hope to have a confirmation by mid-January, fingers crossed). It’s sloped but not steep, and it’s very wet. You might be able to get a 4×4 up it, but Bessie and Echo would struggle and possibly get stuck. And it’s the only access to the land, so until we fix the track we can’t bring on building material for any of the other projects we want to get started with.

So our intent, as soon as completion is, well, complete, is to get that path sorted out and accessible, because without it there’s not much we can do. And it’s important we get it RIGHT, because if we screw it up it’s going to be hard to fix. So for Christmas week, we are figuring out the critical path for the construction of our own critical path.

There will be photos and how-tos and hopefully not too many disasters!

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas / holiday season and look forward to sharing adventures with you in the New Year!

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