Making Room For Mushrooms!

Ever since Chris and I did an intensive three-day mushroom cultivation course at Feed Bristol we’ve been determined to grow some mushrooms of our own. Particularly winecaps, which grow well on most substrates (the substrate is the substance you grow mushrooms on, so coffee grounds, an old log, a pile of goat poo etc) and are good soil producers as well as being tasty!

We don’t have the space here in Bristol for proper mushroom cultivation yet (though we could get a mushroom log, I suppose) and being relatively (very) inexperienced we wanted to have a go with a kit first.

Mushrooms 1

We were lucky enough that for Christmas we got TWO kits from The Espresso Mushroom Company – Hot Pinks and Pearl Oysters growing on a substrate of coffee grounds. It’s snowy here at the moment so I’m saving the Hot Pinks for a month or so when hopefully it will get a bit warmer, but I cracked open the Pearl Oysters this morning and now they are soaking in cold water for 12 hours as per instructions. Trying to keep them underwater got a bit Heath Robinson – I had to wedge the substrate in place with a baking tray, but we got there in the end.

Mushrooms 2

I’ll let you know how we get on with them!

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