A Night at Nant-y-Meillion

Who would be brave enough, or stupid enough, to camp overnight, in the pouring rain, in January? *looks askance at Roz* Well, that would be us. Partly to be there for deliveries in the morning, and partly to see if we could. One of the distinguishing features of Nant-y-Meillion is the mud. Thick, sticky, clay-y... Continue Reading →

It Begins!

We had an exciting day yesterday. It was the first time Roz and I had been up to Nant-y-Meillion since we exchanged and completed, and we were there for an Environmental Impact Assessment from the Welsh government to make sure we were safe to do what we wanted to do and we weren't going to... Continue Reading →

And the Name of our Farm is….

I promised you I'd come back today with the big reveal and some more information about our brand-new holding which is ours and belongs to us (still buzzing!) The farm is just off the A483 outside the village of Llandybie (pronounced Thlan-di-bee-ay, approximately), about three miles north of Ammanford. It's at the very top of... Continue Reading →

How small-scale horticulture can help with food security, health and rural regeneration

An interesting article about small-scale sustainable horticulture in Wales…

Maniffesto Bwyd | Food Manifesto

By Alicia Miller

When my husband, Nathan Richards, and I started our farm, Troed y Rhiw in West Wales, growing a wide range of organic vegetables and soft fruit, many of our local farming neighbours were surprised and even openly sceptical. Were we mad growing horticulture crops on what was thought of as livestock land, with 6–8” of poorly drained topsoil? The farm was not in good heart to start with, having been neglected for more than 30 years – the challenge to bring the land back to health perhaps seemed foolhardy to them. The east of the UK was much better for vegetable production – why should we bother way out here in the west to grow food?

Remarkably, just .08% of agricultural land in Wales is currently used for horticulture production and the sector is in long term decline in terms of land use. While this…

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Newyddion Da!

Great news, everyone! We have officially signed the contracts for our land purchase, and we exchanged and completed on Friday. WE HAVE A FARM NOW! *leaps around excitedly* *loses a large chunk of toast to one of the Ungardeners* And our farm has a name - come back tomorrow for the big naming reveal!  

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