That’s Great, It Starts With An Earthquake…

It’s NOT the end of the world as we know it, but I do feel fine…

I missed the 4.5 earthquake that rocked South Wales and the West Country on Saturday because I was in Brighton on a hen (a hen do, not an actual hen. I know this is a kind of farming blog and all that…) I called Roz when I heard about it, but she had just thought the neighbours had been indulging in some hardcore DIY and we didn’t worry about it. Until we saw the maps, that is…

Earthquake one

See that big red target? Guess where Nant-y-Meillion is. Just have a guess…

The epicentre was about three miles from Nanty, according to the British Geological Survey and we’re going up on Wednesday to check for damage. As it’s a British earthquake, I expect the wormery has fallen over (my poor worms!) and the rest of the extent of the damage will look something like this…


4 thoughts on “That’s Great, It Starts With An Earthquake…

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  1. I happened to be at Swansea University bay campus with my grandson for an open day for prospective students. The screens wobbled and we were all evacuated (to the beach so not all bad!) whilst the building was checked. Hope your garden survived unscathed too.


  2. I felt it in dear old Bradley stoke, sat on my sofa eating my lunch the house shuddered it was not until I saw the news that I realised what it was. Amazing,do you think the Welsh are trying to tell you something ????????

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    1. I hope they’re trembling with anticipation at our arrival!
      Roz and I have hired a van to take some stuff up to the garage tomorrow so Chris is on dog wrangling if you want to pop in and see him?


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