A Chilly Weekend at Nant-y-Meillion – Picture Post *

We camped out at Nant-y-Meillion last Sunday night. We were intending to stay Monday night as well, but as the temperatures plummeted from a positively balmy -1 down to a rather nippy -6 and we began trying to work out if we could sledge all the way from field 5 to Richard’s farm further down the lane, we chickened out and decided to go home. But we did get a lot done!

Including putting up our giant base camp tent :


And making a start on the first composting loo at Pooh Corner :


The Ungardeners had a good time :


Though Lyra took the more sensible option and hunkered down in Roz’s tent :


While we were there Richard from R J Plant Hire, our neighbour and sledging enthusiast, came with his big digger and his smaller digger and his bloody massive roller and sorted out the track up to our first gate for us.

Before (fuzzy cold hands phone pic) and after (pics by Jo on crappy camera phone):


Hapus Dydd Gwyl Dewi!





*All photos (c) Heather Ashley unless otherwise stated – used with permission.


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