Great Escapes!

We have two new ponies at Nantymeillion and yesterday they precipitated a mass horse breakout. Followed, as soon as we had fixed the gate Mal had kicked down (yes, we know it was Mal, even if he is Heather’s golden boy), by another mass breakout. Followed almost as soon as we had rounded them up and found out where they were escaping from, by a THIRD mass breakout instigated by the mare in which they basically ran AROUND Chris while he tried to stop them.

Honestly, it would have been super-funny if they had been someone else’s horses vanishing over the horizon for the third time. Sadly we didn’t video it for you because, as my friend John pointed out, when your livestock are busting out all over the place filming them for internet LOLs is kind of a low priority…

These are our new naughty horsebeasts, who are currently using the names they arrived with but will get better names soon if they don’t get sent back to the horse rescue in disgrace. (Jane on the left, Storm on the right)

The plan for the ponies, if the ponies can learn to behave themselves a bit better, is threefold. We need them for conservation grazing of the sensitive habitat at Nantymeillion – we want to preserve as much of the valuable acid grassland habitat as we can and we’ve been told by our ecologist that the best way to do that is to graze it lightly.

Secondly, we want them for cultivation in the vegetable area. They have smaller and more dainty feet than Ed and Mal’s great clodhopping hooves, and the hope is that they will pull carts full of compost and sacks of spuds and help with light cultivation in place of petrol or electric-driven machines (like rotovators etc).

Thirdly (and this is where you might come in?) is that we would like them to help us provide a different sort of escape…

One of our priorities at Meddwl Coed is to make as much of the Nantymeillion site as possible fully accessible for wheelchair users. We would like to be able to open up most of the farm to people who would otherwise not be able to reach it unless they had an all-terrain wheelchair (and those buggers are PRICEY!)

We are hoping to liaise with Simon Mullholland at in order to get a couple of Pony Access wheelchair carts on site. These would be pulled by the new ponies and would open up access to the whole of the site for people with mobility problems. Now obviously Pony Access isn’t cheap either, but it is green.

With that in mind, we have set up a Ko-fi account for Nantymeillion with which we hope to fund around £300 towards the value of the first Pony Access Cart. We’re hoping we can also get some grant funding towards it as well as paying for some of it ourselves, but £300 would get us off to a flying start!

If you’re interested in contributing the price of a coffee to help fund this new great escape, or if you know someone who might be, the link to our Ko-fi account is here – please share widely! Any contributions or shares would be most gratefully received, possibly with a big wet snog from Ed (he’s good at those).

And if you just feel like buying a treat for the ducks or horses (though I’m not sure such naughty horses really deserve treats…) you can do that on the Ko-fi account too – just tell us who you want to buy a treat for and we will buy and dispense your treats!*






*Looks forward to a future of very fat animals….

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  1. Oh boy. I heard a rumour that they’d eaten your vegetables. I hope they didn’t get the lot. How’s the haymaking? I thought I’d wean myself off Facebook & actually it’s been easier than I thought, so I’ve not seen your updates there for about a month.


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