Impatience and Distraction

These are my two big failings as a gardener, and I was thinking about them today as I realised we’d lost the redcurrants after harvesting only a handful of early ones. A few days ago, the main redcurrant tree was full of lovely redcurrants. Now it is empty. And the reason it’s empty is because we got distracted, with pony break-outs and leaking water troughs and a million and one small but very urgent things that become BIG urgent things if you don’t fix them. Like Lily getting stuck on the wrong side of a ditch, which took up quite a lot of yesterday (she’s fine, but she’d obviously been trapped all night and it took a big effort from all of us to sort her out). So the redcurrants are gone *sigh* The moral of this story is probably make time to pick things before some bird or slug gets to them first!

Lily jun 2018.jpg

Impatience is my other problem. As in “is this ready for eats yet? *tastes* Blech no!” Or digging things up to see if they’re ready. I know I need to learn patience as a gardener, but god help me I want to learn it NOW! 😉 and to eat all the things, natch…

I have been saying the onions are “nearly ready” for about two months now, and it’ll probably be another month before they ARE actually ready. We have flowers beginning to come through on the courgettes – everything is late because our move was delayed, so we missed the vast majority of the spring planting and we’ve been catching up ever since. Also because planting has to often be slotted in around Charley-wrangling, fence building, pony retrieval, ragwort clearance, water-trough leak fixing – distractions again! It hasn’t helped that despite having a lot of space, we’ve also had to make beds for planting in because the soil is still very poor, so it’s not just a case of bunging things in the ground and hoping.

I’ll try to get some pictures of what we currently have growing for a future post, if I don’t get distracted….

Nanty sunset Jun 2018


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