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We are a collection of four individuals who decided we had all had enough of city life and went looking for a new adventure. This is what we found…


Lyra and meJo is the same age as Star Wars, which explains a lot….   She enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, gaming, watching movies, pottering about on her allotment and playing with the world’s laziest dog.

A full-time author since 2003, Jo’s work has been published in several anthologies. Her novels have been long and short-listed for the Gemmell Award, the Tiptree Award and the British Fantasy Society award for best novel. She has recently taken on the position of Acquisitions Editor for Kristell Ink, a small press based in Oxford. She has also edited novels, comics, and content for social media games.

For Meddwl Coed, Jo likes sourcing and growing unusual plants and making people eat them. She is very interested in the forest gardening side of the project, taking her inspiration from the work of Martin Crawford at the Agroforestry Research Trust in Devon. Her current ambition is to grow blue potatoes.

She sometimes talks about herself in the third person on the internet and is inclined to ramble on about courgettes and greyhounds unless forcibly prevented.  She is always happy to hear from people, either via the “Talk to Me” form, email or via Twitter ( @hierath77 ).


Myfanwy weddingChris is Jo’s partner and dad of the World’s Laziest Dog. He likes films and SF, and is our recycling champion, often to be found pawing through the bins like some kind of starving racoon. He is vegetarian and the moral force behind Meddwl Coed’s no-kill policy.



Roz is a former business analyst and project manager, more recently working as a freelance writer and editor. She has degrees in psychology and creative writing and has extensive experience in running courses, event management and media and marketing. In a previous life she has worked for a horse-drawn carriage hire company and she is interested in using horse-power as a replacement for fossil fuels.

She has recently completed a Permaculture Design Certificate in Bristol, with Sarah Pugh. She’s a systems designer by nature as well as nurture and is currently turning her analytical eye on smallholding, and all the tasks and infrastructure that have to be developed to make one work efficiently enough for four people with health challenges to run effectively into their old age. (This largely involves thinking carefully about poo.)


Heather bio picHeather is passionate about caring for people with mental health issues, and in her day job works for Alzheimer’s Society. She is a trained Shiatsu therapist with a degree in psychology. She has also attended the Permaculture Design course at Shift Bristol.

Heather is a lover of the great outdoors, happiest yomping about the countryside with her camera, and she is always willing to lend people one of her plentiful supply of coats! She is looking forward to keeping bees and to the day she can live on the farm with her future dog, a scruffy-haired lurcher she hopes to call Ollie. Watch this space!



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