Horses, Hedges and Hideaways… and naked chickens

The weather is upon us, and no mistake. Today has actually provided a brief sunny respite from driving rain, but the sky-water is due to return tomorrow, and it will mostly rain for the next week or two (or month or six, this being Wales...) We managed to get some good preparation in for winter... Continue Reading →

Arrivals and Departures

Last time I posted, summer was coming in, and the meadows were full of flowers. Now it's fading, and the flowers are giving way to berries, though not quite the glorious crop we had last year. We've seen our indefatigable volunteer, Ieuan, establish himself almost overnight as a kind of French-speaking, tea-making sweary farm installation,... Continue Reading →

Another (Long) Overdue Update

Those of you who follow us on Twitter (@Meddwl_Coed) or on Facebook know we never really went away, but this site has been neglected. I guess Jo did get distracted, as did we all. Setting up a smallholding continues to be a busy process, as we lurch from one project to another, frequently tripping over... Continue Reading →

Plastic Free July

This month a campaign is running to raise awareness of plastic pollution and in particular the scourge that is single-use plastic. We must all be aware of the problem by now, so instead of making you miserable by reminding you about the giant floating islands of plastic in the Pacific or the huge number of... Continue Reading →

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