Great Escapes Updated – On Board the Pony Access Express!

Brilliant news - thanks to some very generous donations we have already raised over £200 to put towards funding our Pony Access carts! *dances around with glee, scares the ducks* So we've decide to expand the fundraising target to £700 - you can donate any amount, big or small, on . We will be... Continue Reading →

It Begins!

We had an exciting day yesterday. It was the first time Roz and I had been up to Nant-y-Meillion since we exchanged and completed, and we were there for an Environmental Impact Assessment from the Welsh government to make sure we were safe to do what we wanted to do and we weren't going to... Continue Reading →

Newyddion Da!

Great news, everyone! We have officially signed the contracts for our land purchase, and we exchanged and completed on Friday. WE HAVE A FARM NOW! *leaps around excitedly* *loses a large chunk of toast to one of the Ungardeners* And our farm has a name - come back tomorrow for the big naming reveal!  

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