Welcome to MeddwlCoed

Welcome to MeddwlCoed Farm, from all of us here.

MeddwlCoed – ThinkingTrees in English (we know it doesn’t translate perfectly!) – will be a smallholding and forest garden somewhere in the wilds of West Wales. We hope to offer writers retreats and various workshops, set amongst our vegetable plots, woods, tea garden and edible forest garden.

Our intent is to become largely self-sufficient – we believe in moving away from fossil fuels and towards a more ecologically-friendly way of life, embracing the principles of permaculture.

We’ve spent a year establishing ourselves on the land that will eventually provide our rural idyll (we hope!): fifty-odd acres of boggy pasture just outside Llandybie. We’re not as far along as we expected to be at this point, but when does anything worthwhile ever go smoothly? We’re learning what the land is, what we can give it and when we can take, and how to live alongside the plants and animals that are already here. Our ponies have opened up paths in the woodland and kept down the soft rush in the pastures, and we’ve planted hundreds of bushes, trees and vegetables. We have ducks and chickens controlling the slug population and turning our compost heap, with the added bonus of delicious eggs.

It’s been a hard road, or rather a slippery, muddy, slog across land where no roads have been laid, but it’s an incredible privilege and joy to walk up the hill every day and see the sky open out over fields and trees that we can, ludicrously, call ‘ours’.

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