Meet Abby

Young-ish lady, late 30’s, not stylish and slightly down at heel, WLTM madly ambitious green living-types for travel and adventures….

Abby 1
Check out those curtains…


This is Abby. She will be our tea base and home-away-from-home for the indefinite future. She is very…cosy 😉

Pictures from the inside as and when. Thanks to Deirdre and Paul for naming her and passing her on to us after doing her up and having many happy travels with her. Looking forward to many years of adventures with Abby!


Adventures in Food – Banana Rice Fritters

After making rice milk we were left with quite a bit of raw rice pulp left over. It could go to Pinky and The Brain, but we decided to do something else with it this time…

Banana Rice Fritters

You will need

Mixing Bowl

Frying pan or deep fat fryer


2 x bananas

2 x teaspoons of honey

Leftover rice pulp from no-cook rice milk

Mash the bananas, the rice pulp, and the honey in a mixing bowl. You might want to add a little bit of water if it seems dry and hard to work with.

Form the mixture into fritters or little fat pancakes and fry them in oil – I found that using more oil is better as otherwise the rice soaks up the oil and they stick to the bottom of the pan. I don’t have a deep fat fryer but I think they would cook nicely in there.

Serve immediately, on their own or with (suggestions from the peanut gallery), brown sugar, golden syrup or vanilla ice cream.

A good way to use a resource that might otherwise go to waste.

Adventures in Food – Broad Bean Soup A La Roz

When you have a lot of broad beans you need to think of new and interesting things to do with them. This is Roz’s Broad Bean Soup recipe, which serves six (leftovers can be frozen and re-heated).

You will need :

Large Saucepan



500gm Broad Beans (podded)

200gm Peas

Handful of chopped spring onions

3 x medium-sized potatoes, peeled and chopped roughly

1 x vegetable stock cube

Teaspoon of chill powder, black pepper, garlic to taste

(Optional) Swirl of cream or olive oil or a sprig of mint to garnish


Put all the ingredients in a large saucepan with 1.5 pints of water and simmer for 15 minutes.

Blend when soft.

Serve with garlic bread, bruschetta or a warm crusty roll or three.


This makes a nice smooth soup that is very tasty on a summer evening!


Trouble with Tomatoes

As you might know from this previous post, I struggle with growing tomatoes. Which is annoying, because they’re one of my favourite foods and I eat them all the time, and it would be really handy if I could grow my own.

This year they have grown bigger and had seemed to be doing better, but in the last week or so they’ve started looking limp and sad and they’re obviously having a hard time. It’s been warm so I’ve had them outside, but now I’m wondering if they’d benefit from being moved back into the summer house on a permanent basis.

It doesn’t help that Pinky and The Brain managed to knock one of the large pots (the Ace) over and then trample through it, so I lost a few there. But the cherry toms are also struggling and looking sad. Any tips for reviving dismal tomato plants? Or should I give them up as a bad job and try again when we get a greenhouse?

Allotment Diaries – June Update

It’s been a while since I updated on the allotment, partly due to moving house and not being able to get down there for a week or so, and partly due to other distractions. So, what’s occurring in our little patch?

Well, we’ve had some successes, and some failures. Quite a lot of failures, if I’m honest. The last two months have been very dry and some of the veg has struggled Some hasn’t sprouted at all (carrots and leeks), some has been lost to weeds and predators (lettuce and spinach) and some has been lost to over-enthusiastic “Oh, I thought they were weeds!” weeding….

On the plus side, we have a flourishing bed of rainbow chard, which I thought wasn’t going to be a goer because chard apparently struggles on clay – that might be one benefit of the hot dry weather. The broad beans have gone into overdrive (see previous post) and we have a splendid crop of early gooseberries that I’ve just picked, with a second later variety coming through. Apples and pear trees are also doing well and soft fruit is starting to come through. So it’s not all bad.

At home the tomatoes are doing better than expected, and the Morello has a few baby cherries on it despite the “help” of the dogs.

So all in all feeling quite positive for the future, and looking forward to gooseberry crumble for tea!